December 11, 2008

Wow to wow-er!

Okay, probably not a real word. But the peeps at Framers Workshop make art go from wow, to wow-er! Kerri over there is a true artist, and has such an eye for making everything look amazing. They are the framer I use, and I happen to be the photographer they use. They did a beautiful display of our session together and have it up in their shop.

Framers Workshop display of Bosh Images

Now here is another “picture” for you. My Darling Husband has been bogged down at work, I thought I would do something nice for him. CJ and I wanted to surprise him with putting ALL the lights up on the house. Now, not sure if I mentioned it before, but Cj LOVES to climb. The kid was climbing out of his crip before he could even walk! So it was me, at the top of the ladder balancing to staple the lights to the roof, and CJ about five rungs behind me “holding on to your feet mamma so you don’t fall” I so wish I had my camera, but I knew adding one more factor into that already dangerous equation, we would have someone calling child services for sure. It isn’t like we didn’t already have cars passing by commenting on our “situation”

But, they are up, and we are all safe on the ground, daddy was surprised, and I think CJ knows enough to put them up on his own next year. I mean, he will be almost five next december.

  1. Michelle Nicoloff

    Noel….wow….gorgeous!!! I love the pictures…I want to see more!!!!!!!

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