October 5, 2010

What are you gonna wear???

Holiday photos are on everyone’s mind. If you don’t have a good enough photo from your year’s adventures, you are either scheduling a session or trying to figure out how you can work your own camera and get a good family shot. And this is where the stress level could rise.WHAT WILL WE WEAR???? My rule of thumb is usually get the mama looking good, and plan everyone else around it. But then, I am in a house of boys who really don’t care what they wear. I also suggest that you wear something you feel comfortable in, and that you don’t try and look like you are wearing school uniforms by wearing the exact same outfit. But even better, here is a fashion guide that may give you some inspiration for looking fabulous in your holiday photo.


My beautiful friend put together a few holiday outfit guides for you and your photo planning.  Leslie attended FIDM, and worked as a stylist and costumer in the fashion and entertainment industries, but to me that isn’t what qualifies her most as awesomely stylish. She is a mom, and yet I have never ever seen her in her work out clothes and a ponytail, even for coffee. She is a true stylish mom, and looks great everywhere she goes. And for a mom, that takes effort. Thanks Leslie for the inspiration boards.

  1. Marcie T

    Love this! It totally beats the all white/all white and jeans, barefoot on the beach ensemble… very inspired. Thanks for posting this on your blog (which rocks by the way!)

  2. Gretchen

    How perfect! EVERYONE asks this question and this is so timely. PLEASE post this in the OC FAMILY! So many people can benefit, even it only going to grandmas for dinner.

  3. Jen Johnson

    These are so great!

  4. Mali

    great ideas!

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