December 28, 2010

The Mission

This was the first year that I scheduled a session at the Mission in San Juan. But once I scheduled one, I scheduled three more that same week! Loved, loved, loved, that location! Somehow inspiration came to me through the walls of history, and Spanish influence, and the amazing architecture. Or maybe it was just the beautiful families that inspired me. Whatever it was, I was happy to find a new spot that just screams CALIFORNIA!! I used to teach 4th grade, and California history has to be one of the best perks to teaching that grade. The missions are so special and unique to California.

family-photo-session-at-san-juan-missionmission-san-juan-photographyorange-county-family-photographyAnd I am gonna have to promise to catch up on the holiday blog posts. So many families to share…… so little time!

  1. Michele K

    Beautiful family & amazing pictures! Love the colors & the location!

  2. Jackie Culmer

    LOVE! You captured all the beauty and love in this family. So heartwarming.

  3. michelle nicoloff

    So beautiful Noel….such a gorgeous family!!!

  4. Julie

    Oh those Stoeckleins…why can’t we all photograph so well? Amazing pics Noel! And I’m so jelous of the location. So beautiful…

  5. Cindy Chen

    Beautiful family, beautiful location, stunning photography!! Awesome work, as always, Noel!

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