March 11, 2012

Sweet Newborn Goodness

baby-feetthree-moth-old-baby-portraitnewborn-family-photographythree-month-old-portraitnewborn-portraitIf there has been anything that has gotten me through the past five years it has been my newborn sessions. There is a smell, a squishy-ness, a sweet newborn goodness that has been able to push me through some tough times trying to get pregnant. This isn’t a journey I have shared with too many, not that I kept it a secret, I just hated talking about it. Mostly because it was a conversation ending in tears or sadness, but also because I worried the ones I shared it with were uncomfortable talking about it.

During that waiting time, I have been so blessed to have the job I have. Snuggling with newborn babies was such a great joy that I cannot thank those families enough for sharing with me their precious loves.

So we are thrilled to let everyone (who reads this blog) know that we are expecting our own newborn this fall. If we are lucky to have a baby as cute and sweet as this social butterfly, we will be thrilled. Thank you Salma for sharing your sweet girl with me while we wait.

  1. Christi Kirzner

    Love these pics!!! Just amazing eyes and a beautiful baby

  2. michelle nicoloff

    Oh man, this made me cry!!!!! I love you so much my friend & I am so very happy for you! Your family deserves this blessing and I cannot wait to hold your bundle of joy…he/she will call me Auntie Shelly:)

  3. JessicaB

    So happy for you and your entire family! Beautiful pic’s as always my talented friend

  4. Agodwin

    Congratulations!! As always, your pictures are amazing!

  5. Julie Pham

    Congratulations Noel! Now you’ll be the one in Mammoth having to do diaper changes mid-hike :)

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