January 9, 2011

Sisters!!!! Newport Beach, Balboa Island

No matter the age, sisters are my absolute favoritest group to have the honor of photographing. It is no secret that I love mine, that they are my best friends, and that my life without them would be so lame. (that seems extreme, but it is true) So the fact that these girls are BEAUTIFUL, is just an added bonus. They couldn’t take a bad picture.

Speaking of sisters, this is how cool mine are! For Christmas, we have slowly morphed our tradition of gift giving into gift making. It becomes so memorable. So you probably guessed that I gave photographs….. and from them I got, homemade candles that smell better then the yummiest Yankee candle, chocolates and candies of many sorts, a hand-sewn bag, knitted sweater, and a bracelet made with stones. I am one lucky sister. As are these three.


  1. michelle nicoloff

    Gosh…they are beauties!!!!!!

  2. Gretchen

    They are all beautiful!

  3. Cindy


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