May 27, 2015

Toddler days and College Bound

beautiful senior girl family photo family laughing girl lisette selfie senior model senior rsm photo sibling love siblings love siblings running teenage girl wildflower picking wildflowersWho knew that a few golf balls and a tiny bat could keep a toddler entertained for almost an hour? First, I would have him count, “one, nine, eweven, ten, five”, and I would hide all three items somewhere easy. On his turn he hid them in the same place each time, in the corner of the couch. If I pretended to not find them quick enough, he would give me clues, like running over to where they were and lifting the pillow. If I wanted to make him laugh I would “look” for them in his arm pits, erupting squeals and shrieks of joy. Sadly I still get bored of this game, and wish I could come over to my computer and quickly answer a few emails. Why is it so hard to be present like this hours on end? These days feel long and drawn out, but these years fly by, and he will soon be gone, at least for a few hours a day, and then more. Eventually he may actually move out of my house and away to college. Alabama maybe!!

Jordyn here is doing just that. Leaving her California sunshine, and heading to the South where the hear of the Dixie reigns. She has chosen University of Alabama as her next chapter. Watching the family together in all their joking and hugs, you can tell this will be tough on everyone left behind. It is easy to see how well they get along, and how much love they share. I bet there was a lot of hiding golf balls, and tickles and long days and days filled with sports, and days in emergency rooms, and hearts broken, and laughter and sand filled toes. Each day lived together as a family was sure to make this one stronger as she heads off alone. Congrats, and good luck beautiful Jordyn.