January 28, 2015

Self Portrait Session

This is what an ideal girls’ night looks like to me. Pacific Ocean, warm golden light, the best of friends, and cameras. The hard part is letting go in front of the camera when it is your turn, but in the end, I am happy to put up with it if I can photograph them right back.  I for one have a hard time facing my personal image, so looking at photographs of myself without cringing is really hard. This was a place that we all felt super comfortable, in front of friends that we knew loved us exactly the way we are, so it was the best possible circumstance.

When I look at Mali Workman, and Michelle Nicoloff I see so much beauty. As hard as I try to see the freckles, and long dark hair, and deep brown eyes, I just see the kindness and love that they have towards the world. I see the unending patience they have with their kids, and their ability to see beauty around them everywhere they go. This gives me hope that they too see past the details that meet me in the mirror each morning.

beautiful mom blanket pacific flipflop shoes in the pacific michelle nicoloff noel besuzzi pacific ocean portrait portraits