September 26, 2011

Pillows (home away from home)

baby-in-a-blanketchildren-portraituresisters-portraitureflower-girlChildren are pretty unpredictable. You can have a happy toddler at 4:00, and a screaming cranky one at 4:02. You can also usually turn that right back around in your favor a few minutes later. You really just need the right formula. Ready for it? Grab your pen. It super simple, and the mama of these two sweet girls taught it to me on this session.

If you don’t plan on having your session at home, bring a great big bag, the kind you usually carry around Ikea, and fill that large blue mesh bag with everything your child loves from home. Pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and anything else that makes them happy when the baby blues get to them. This session was at a beautiful location, but could have been anywhere with a grassy field, as the two sisters tumbled around on a blanket and a set of pillows with that sweet familiar smell of home.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to also bring along two adorable little girls with smiles that could cure anyone’s bad mood.