May 20, 2010

Photo: NOT by me

blogblog2blog3I would be such a hypocrite if I recommend the whole world spends time and effort to see that they have family portraits….. and I had none of my own. So, to avoid hypocrisy- and at the same time, meet a really cool fun person, I had Tara Whitney take our picture.

The blurry family image is HUGE in our house right now in the form of a canvas. It melts my heart each time I walk down stairs and see it.

Thank you Tara for this amazing gift.

  1. michelle nicoloff

    awwwwww seeing these make my heart smile!!!! I cannot to wait to see the canvas in your house!!! Can you invite me over? I’ll beg:) Love you friend!

  2. Jenelyn

    This is the first time I’ve seen your whole family! You all are adorable! :)

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