January 8, 2010

Personal: My little snow zebra

cj-vacationsnowbaordingmy-little-gromI have been taking things easy and working from here. Family time, so much snow, and a new experience for CJ as he learns how to snowboard. It must be the teacher in me, but I get so much joy watching him learn something new.

We put him on a snowboard for now hoping it will slow him down a bit. Last year we were tackling him the whole way down the mountain as he raced down with his skis, and for now anyway, we think the snowboard has given him reason to go slow. So, it may be taking me a bit longer to respond to emails up here, but I sure hope you are having a wonderful start to a great new year!

  1. michelle nicoloff

    Noel….I SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO love these….I am so glad you are having a fabulous time! That last image needs to BE HUGE in your house!!!!! xoxoxoxo

  2. Julie Pham

    Great pics Noel! FYI – Shaun White’s family did the same thing to slow him down on the mountain and look where he is now. Have fun!

  3. Kimberly

    Love them too!! They looks so amazing. Go CJ!

  4. Cindy Chen

    So fun!! That last one is my favorite (but I also LOVE the jumping in the blue skies)! Such a cute little snow zebra indeed.

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