October 9, 2009

Park Session: Orange County Family Photography

oc-child-photographeroc-family-photographyJust trying somehow to catch up in editing, order taking, and email responding. I have so much to post, but this will have to be enough for today. These two girls are yet another example of my most favorite subject(s), sisters!

Last night was an amazing night for Dodger fans everywhere, but especially for the 50,000 fans we shared it with at Dodger Stadium. I know many local Angel fans are happy as well. I once predicted if the Angels and the Dodgers ever played each other in the World Series that we would have to mortgage our home to afford all the tickets my husband would buy. Let’s just hope the Angels don’t make it that far. :-)

  1. Jenelyn

    Thank you for the sneak peak of our girls! Beautiful shots, as always! Can’t wait to see the rest. As a lifelong Angels fan, I hope they DO make it that far–a Freeway World Series in our future? ;)

  2. Suz Broughton

    These turned out great!! I love the chair in the middle of the grass. You are such a talent!

  3. Jessica Bodas

    Let’s go Angels! Let’s go! Happy editing….

  4. Cindy Chen

    Ok, I need to find me a chair!!! Gorgeous images, as always, Noel!! :)

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