December 28, 2009

Orange County Maternity Photography: Beach Session


Another session from the end of the year to share. The mom kept going on and on at how well I understood her four-year-old daughter. You know, I realized through this session that I know and get in every single way, a kid about six months younger than CJ. Once I have HIM figured out, and know how to successfully manipulate him into what ever I need (ie sleep, or get in the car quickly) and get a little cocky over it I would say……. he moves on, and I can no longer figure him out! Tricks often work for about a month at best, and it takes me about three months to come up with that brilliant trick. And then, he grows up some more, and I need a new bag of them. BUT! Alas, give me a child six months younger than CJ, and I will rock their world! I laugh looking at these pictures remembering the fun we had. Thanks guys, it was an honor to photography you again, and Brooke will be the perfect age for me, for as long as tricks are needed.:-)

  1. michelle nicoloff

    ummmmm wow… beautiful ! look at that water…so blue..and that sky is amazing!!!! I wanna see more!!!!!

  2. Kimberly

    Love them!! they all look so cute. Coops is so beautiful. She wasn’t sure what she was going to wear. I think they all look perfect. Nice work Noel.

  3. Rosanne Mann

    Noel, you are such an amazing photographer. They all look fantastic!

  4. Christi

    These are beautiful!

  5. Julie Shields

    Wow!! Baby #2. She looks like she is barely showing a bump. I think I looked that prego after eating my Christmas dinner. The pics look wonderful. Love the sky on that one and Melanie looks so wonderful.

  6. Mali

    These are wonderful! What a beautiful family! They are so lucky to have these images. You totally rocked this session Noel!

  7. carla rhea

    very lovely Noel!!!!! What fantastic images!

  8. João Oliveira


    Your photographs are fantastic.

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