February 13, 2017

Oh Baby! Ergobaby commercial work

On a bright and sunny day in Malibu, I met a toddler Giraffe that I fell in love with. My craziest model yet by far, and yet somehow, just as crazy moments and crazy experience mimic, it was unforgettable. Here is the moment when I said good-bye, and he leaned in to give me a kiss.

I am grateful for finding a job that supersedes my expectations of what works should be. In photography, it is as if someone customized the perfect work day to match my loves. Working in teams, on unique locations, outdoors, creatively collaborating and creating; itis my favorite kind of day. So here are a few shoots I worked on with Ergobaby last year.

Hair: Nicole

Makeup: Raymie

Styling: Taylor

favs16157ergo diaper bagergo sophie blogergo sophie ergobaby sophie family in ergoIMG_3157 IMG_3411 IMG_4069 IMG_4123 IMG_5015 IMG_5139 Sophie ergobaby