February 6, 2011

My Sweet Baby Andrew….

Right, so there is a small technical aspect to the fact that he is not actually my baby. But because I got to see him a few times last year, coupled with the fact that he indeed reaches out for me when he sees me, he is mine in my heart. Ya, maybe he reaches out to all people cause he is so darn social, but I am gonna stick with the fact that he likes me! Here is a session we did in the fall that I never had a chance to post. Love to you Andrew, and your sweet beautiful mama!


  1. michelle nicoloff

    Gosh….I love all of these…but the last image is breathtaking! AND of course he likes you…you are the most likeable/loveable person I KNOW! xo

  2. Mali

    yes, he loves you too, I can see it in his eyes :) and that last image is amazing!!!!

  3. Kimberly

    I love them! The hat with the socks. I just want to pinch those little baby rolls. xoxo

  4. Cindy

    I can’t even pick a favorite… I love them all! What a little cutie!

  5. Corinne

    Did you just gasp when you took that last image? So AMAZING! Love, love, love.

    And I really like the tones in the 5th picture- where the little boy is looking right at the camera and hugging his Dad… I feel like it’s a little something different than the bright and colorful processing you typically do. (which is also awesome, don’t get me wrong!)

  6. admin

    oh corinne, you are so cute! yes, i changed it up a bit for that picture. i loved it so much, i probably over worked it just wanting it on my screen that much longer. and i did gasp on that last image when i clicked, cause it was so beautiful being there. i couldn’t even get the parents to turn around!

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