May 7, 2009

May workshop date scheduled!

We have scheduled our May Anytime-art workshop date for May 30th at the Reniessance Hotel in Aliso Viejo.

Please emial us if you are interested in attending!

:P roof: I have a really really cool mom! Happy Mother’s Day weekend Mom!! I love you.crazyhats

  1. Mali

    is that YOU in the green???? What a great image!! Love it!

  2. Sophie

    Thank you Noel, I’m signing up right now.

  3. michelle nicoloff

    Noel…what an awesome picture….I love it :) Your mom is cool…and you haven’t changed! This image just proves how important photographs are! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!!

  4. Gretchen

    I love this crazy photo. You do look the same today as then! Oh life is fun.

  5. Lindy

    Hey Noel! I remember when we all had hats like this. My mom made hats for us too… oh how I wish I had a picture though. LUCKY!

  6. christine 'tina' mendoza

    these are the 3 lil ones i remember! oh so fun to babysit and to see you now, all grown up with a gorgeous family! your photos are breathtaking noel! xx tina

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