October 19, 2010

Maternity Photos: Family

maternity-photo-lamaternity-photographymother-maternity-photographytoddler-girlmaternity-photosmaternity-photographerIn High School, when I worked at In-N-Out with this mom, we used to go to work switching each others’ name tags, and no one would even notice. They would call me Alana all day, and never even know the difference. We are Irish twins. One year apart in age, and yet we couldn’t be more different. Sisters. I love to photograph them in families.  I have three, and each one is so precious to me in very different ways. Each are invaluable to my life on a daily basis. Sisters. You hate them at times in your life for borrowing your good suzie’s deals sweater, or making you wait for them in the rain as they talk to a boy…. and love them for being there when you need them most and understanding you like no other.

Sonia, you are a lucky girl to have such a beautiful mama. I love you both so, and I cannot wait to meet my next special baby girl, Flora.

  1. Michele

    gorgeous mom & beautiful pics! I love your style, Noel!

  2. Amanda Bevington

    These are gorgeous Noel!!! I love this pregnant Mama! LOVE LOVE LOVE the belly! Sweet little girl too – I just love the older one getting ready to meet baby – I see Ben look at my belly with that same wonder – it’s priceless! Congratulations to this lovely family! xo, A

  3. Nicole Taugher

    I always thought those In ‘n Out girls were so gorgeous, but now, they’re even more beautiful as mommies (inside AND out)!

  4. Mali

    I love that hammock one! so sweet! And you do look a lot like Alana, and the B&W of Sonia looks just like CJ!

  5. Corinne

    When I saw that first pic- I thought, woah, is noel pregnant? lol. Awesome pictures! I know you tend to do more in color, but I LOVE that conversion of the little girl’s tummy- so cool!

  6. nicole

    I had to go back and read your blog after talking to you last night. Your sister is beautiful, just like you! I bet CJ and Sonia are the best of friends. Beautiful pics!

  7. tiffany h

    beautiful, Noel! they look amazing! again, you captured them amazingly!

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