June 23, 2015

Love can take you anywhere

When I was a teacher, one of the perks of the job was the excuse to read children’s books all day long. There were so many beautiful stories that you could read aloud to your students. One of these books was called Grandfather’s Journey. This was a sweet tale of a man who made the huge choice to immigrate to America from Japan. He told the tale and the theme of the story was that once you move from one place to another, you have a huge problem. You fall in love with where you moved to, but you long for that place you once called home. If you moved back “home”, you would long for the distant land you were once new to. What truth! Even just moving counties I can see this to be true. I long for the bustle and energy of a life lived right outside of Los Angeles, but know I would miss the quiet and beautiful outdoors of the place I now call home.

One of my past students contacted me about photographing her and her new husband. What an amazing gift that social media has brought to me. It has the ability to bring people from your past back into your life. I remember this student so well, she was amazingly thirsty to read, learn and write! This brave, beautiful, intelligent girl also made the move to live with her husband in Europe. She was traveling back to the US and asked me to capture them as they are now, young, in love, and with the whole wide world as their blank page to write upon. If you read any of her writing, even as a second grader, you would know that she will have lovely stories to tell. I cannot wait to read them. young couple at beach

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