May 16, 2011



ucla-seniorcollege-graduatehuntington-beach-senior-portraitsHere it is, with the school year ending, young people everywhere are ready to go out and change the world. This might be a new love for me. Senior sessions haven’t been something I thought too much about, and now the joy of watching someone at this exciting new time of their life has generated so much creative energy in me. Today, I can’t get enough of these sessions. When Jessica contacted me I felt so honored that she trusted me with her senior pictures, and tried my hardest not to bug talk to her the whole time about her future plans, and career choices, and ideas. Finding out she wanted to work with misunderstood children, it got me talking even more with her about all her plans on changing the world, and then you couldn’t shut me up asking her this and that. What a great time, thank you Jessica, I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things you do!