September 24, 2010

I can suppose only that, like…the rest of them, she was melted because he had all his first teeth.


sibling-love-newport-beachJust a few of the holiday sessions I have been working on, and feel so blessed by the fact that in the fall, you will most likely find me at world famous, beautiful beaches here in California, hanging out with my favorite sized people.

Speaking of favorite sized people, I think I am having just some small kind of melt down today with my very own. Just slightly. CJ came to me after school yesterday with a loose tooth. You heard me! Loose. Do you even know what this means? J.M. Barrie described lost boys and Peter Pan for that matter in one common phrase that was mentioned at least four times in the book. They never grew up, because they still had their baby teeth!! So, what does that mean to me? I am loosing my baby. sniff, sniff

But somehow in that great plan that is life, he is exchanged for a very lovely and well behaved boy. The lovely part for sure.

  1. Amanda Bevington

    Love this post! Beautiful images and beautiful sentiment….Ben keeps asking when his baby teeth will become loose. I say…”not too soon baby, not too soon” : ) Our album is amazing!!! Thank you again for capturing our family so brilliantly!! We will cherish this always! xoxo, A

  2. Jackie Culmer

    What an amazing experience to get to witness this shoot and then see the final outcome! You are so talented and amazing at what you do. I’m so glad I stalk you. ;)

  3. Mali

    These are so sweet! I LOVE the last one :)

  4. Debbie

    Really beautiful photos! Not sure how I find our blog but love all your images, especially these beach ones!!

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