October 28, 2014

Hum along if you know the Tune…

This post is a song.

Or at least I hope it sounds like one.

That is what I hear in my head while I type this.

It starts off jittery and upbeat, because I found something that I love to do so much that while I am doing this so called thing, I lose track of time, or hunger, or pain, or cold. My camera is encased in a water housing contraption that opens up a whole new world for my family photography.

Sessions used to end where I was waist deep in the waves, hoping I remembered to take my phone or extra memory card out of my jean pocket, shooting the kids from afar. Now, I just jump in with them at the end of the session. I couldn’t be more excited to find my next family willing to play with me.

This sweet family is absolutely the most perfect family for my first session like this. they all loved the water, surfing playing, splashing. We had the best time.

And I want to sing it again.

Who will come sing with me.


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    […] Last year I began a quest that took me on a whole new journey in my photography. I decided to move forward and offer sessions that end in the water. The kind where we would all be duck diving and splashing and having fun. These sessions are not for all families, but there are families out there who can relate to me. A water session might be right for you if: […]

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