January 25, 2010

Holiday card review

Just as every parent swears that they don’t have a favorite kid, I do not have a favorite customer card. I don’t. But if there were to be card awards for Bosh Holiday cards, this card would have definitely won most creative. This card was the collaboration of some really creative people and staff of Chalene Johnson, mostly her fantabulously talented model kids!

I first met Chalene after a Hip-Hop class she was teaching. My ankle was still hurting from an injury, and the non cardio lifestyle was getting to me, so I TRIED to attend her awesome class. 10 minutes later I left the class knowing that it wasn’t going to work. Although I knew Chalene was super hip, stylish and fun, what I didn’t know was that she is super big-hearted as well. She came looking for me out in the gym to see if I was okay, and to teach me moves that wouldn’t hurt my ankle.

Months later, she stumbled across some of my past holiday cards and we started sharing our love for creative card ideas. That is when i begged, uh i mean asked her to collaborate with her on this years Johnson card. And it was a lot of fun working with her. Check out what we created. This card had three pieces to assemble, and even had moving parts!


  1. Kristena

    So clever Noel…you always do the most creative things!! BTW, small world – Tad and Chalene’s husband played football in high school (I’ll bet Coach Johnson and his wife are very proud of their grandkids – they look adorable)!

  2. Mali

    This is the most awesome card ever!!!

  3. Kelly Smith

    WOW!!! What a great idea :) Love this card…You never cease to amaze me with your talents!!

  4. Jen Johnson

    Ridiculously cool! You gots all the good idears! : )

  5. Cindy Chen

    This card ROCKS!! It’s amazing Noel and so are you!

  6. Amber Snow

    That card is awesome! Super creative, one of the best I’ve seen.

  7. carla rhea

    girl! these are nice cards….I don’t understand your post, you made these or Charlene? They are very cool!!! Where did you have these printed?

  8. admin

    I took the pictures, brought the concept, but like with every customer…. I collaborated with her on the card design. Whenever the customer has a vision, even a creative one like this, and we can work together, I am always humbled by what we create! Especially when it is such a creative person.

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