February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Emilia Rose, first year portraits



Emilia Rose turned one up in Los Angeles last month. To celebrate, I brought this smash cake from Sandra’s Cookie Favors. I could imagine sticking a beautiful yummy cake in front of me like that and someone telling me to “go at it” it would last all of five minutes. Less if I were actually hungry. But this delicate and gentle girl daintily dipped each finger into the cake, and played with it as if it were expensive play dough. Not putting one single bite into her mouth! Wow, that is discipline. So I ask her parents what she does like to eat…. curious? Lentil soup! I didn’t see that one coming.

Happy Birthday Emilia!

  1. Cindy Chen

    Noel, these are amazing! This little one is a beauty! Love those little fingers in the cake!

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    [...] Rose, it was such a joy. It is hard to believe me capturing you eat your first bit of cake was last year! What will we explore when you turn three? I know. Disneyland! Tags: Fun children photographer, [...]

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