October 4, 2009

Guest Post by Alana/Basantdeep


Ahhh new mommyhood…the joy, the love, the bliss, the blessings….

And of course…

the ups and downs, the comings and goings, the waxing and waning and weaning and feeding and needing and cleaning and…sigh, finding enough time to breathe, let alone carve out a moment for yourself to get centered and just perhaps, make it to a yoga class (can you imagine!) with your happy, cranky, hungry, giggly, needy, joyful, (fill-in-the blank-here) little one.

So congratulations to those of you mamas who made it to our first Pranayama Mama series…and a special thanks to Milo, Ellis, Rainn, Abbie, Jack, Joe, Sonia, Henry and Sam for joining your mamas in this new experience of practicing yoga and mommyhood all at once, embracing the unexpected and learning to enjoy (or at least surrender) to the present…it was so joyful to read, play ball, chase after and snuggle with you!

I can’t wait to see what lessons and surprises you have in store for us in October!




For more information about this yoga class, click here.

  1. admin

    It was such a joy to come witness this zen like event. Your babies were amazing beautiful, and you should all be recognized for making it a priority to take this class.

  2. Alanalee

    Thank you for these beautiful photos Noel…I’m only sad we didn’t get Marion in our group photo…but the photos are simply lovely.

  3. Holly Miller

    Wonderful, professional photos that really show the soul of the subjects! This is the gift of a truly talented photographer. Anyone can take a picture, but only an artist can capture an essence. Beautiful subject matter as well. What could be more nuturing and loving than yoga with your child?

  4. Tamera

    Plain and simple…I’m a huge yoga fan. Even plainer and simpler, I’m also a huge fan of pictures, images and art–especially when they tell a story and bring home the effect of their subjects without needing a single word. And, that is exactly how I feel about these photos! Mommies, bringing their babies to a yoga class must be a whole other dimension of the patience and understanding that yoga strives to teach us all. But, these pictures make it seem like the most joyous activity there could be. Absolutely adorable and touching. Does anyone have a baby they could lend me so I could attend this class!? Beautiful work. Love and light…Tamera

  5. fran

    What wonderful pictures, beautiful moms and children.

  6. Violetta Lee

    This pictures are so beautiful congratulations to the photographer and to the moms for such beatiful babies , can’t wait to be in the next series and meet all the moms and babes.

    Thanks to Alana for inviting us.

    Violetta Lee

  7. Doug

    Such fine writing and photographs. They all grow up so fast. Especially Alana.

  8. Maryem

    These shots are absolutely beautiful! These images capture the special connection between mothers and their children, leaving one with a deep sense of peace, love, & joy!

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