January 24, 2012

Getting back into the swing of things…


First it was the craziness of the family photographer season… then it was knee surgery, then it was the holiday season, then fighting sickness in the house. It is finally behind me. It was a total whirlwind of a three months, but in between it all, filling the gaps between craziness and change has been beautiful trips to the beach, getting spoiled rotten by my family by milking my injury, and taking time for myself. As a mom, I hardly allow myself that luxury, but with surgery you almost have to. It was glorious! My two boys pampered me, and I am so thankful for them both.

So, to catch up from November, here is a sweet family that cannot take a bad picture to save their life. Each one of them is GORGEOUS! Look at those big brown eyes and mopping curls. We went to the Mission at San Juan, and off to the park for a few fun shots in their giant bubble. When you ask yourself why you don’t see sit and spins as much anymore, just watch a kid in this thing. It’s like when you thought the iphone was amazing and couldn’t imagine it getting any better, and now you have that 4GS with talking help and HD video calls, and realize how good it can get. I just wish I fit in that thing.

  1. michelle nicoloff

    Oh these are just wonderful!!! And oh my goodness….they are just soooooooooo gorgeous!!!! Love these sweet friend:)

  2. Gretchen

    LOVE THE PHOTOS! Family is so cute!

  3. marla

    The boys in the tube…GREAT capture Noel!!

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