January 8, 2015

Favorite Families of all time

Even though I should probably not be saying this, I have a list of favorite families of all time. When they email me, I get super excited the moment the email hits my inbox. The camera in front of my face usually hides a big old smile the whole time I am there. I couldn’t hide if I tried though since it is so big, it probably stretches over the sides of my camera mask. This is one of the families.

There is a beauty inside these four that pours over their gorgeousness. The mama, has a quiet patient way about her that inspires me to be more gentle with my kids. You can tell she is unaware of that sweet kindness, she doesn’t think she is kind enough I am sure. You know the drill, hope your kids behave and get disappointed a few times along the way on any given day. But to be patient and loving even when it is hard, that is a gift I tell you, and she has it.

The dad is so comfortable playing with his boys you know he does it often, and they are close as close can be, without even trying. They always take beautiful photos, because being together is what they do best I would guess. All I do is sit back and try to capture what they are doing naturally. Lucky me.

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