June 11, 2014

Explore California: an Adventure in Wildflower Hunting

It turns out my most favorite thing to do is explore. If I were born 200 years ago, I would be tempted to join the forces in exploring the country. Waterfalls, tall trees, beaches, mountains all to be discovered and labeled. That is the life I would see myself living. Sometimes, I can convince a family or two to join me on one of these explorations, I call them Explore your Backyard. (Just named that as I was typing!) So many pirate caves, secret coves, wildflower patches and parks to explore here in Southern California. If you are looking for an adventure for your family, and want me to join along and document that expedition of sorts, email me!!!

Here is a wildflower hunt. Kellen and I stumbled across a wildflower patch of poppies, and when this family called and mentioned that their favorite thing to do was hunt for wildflowers, I knew we just had to visit our hidden gem. There was a small walk to get there, but what troopers these two girls were. It was seriously the BEST little “Explore your Backyard” adventure of the year.

Soon I will be posting two more sessions I had with Explore your Backyard. daddy daughters daddy daughter wilderness children laughing wildflower hunting wildflower hunting california spin daughter father sisters picnic picking flowers nature walk california family mom daughters mom daughter happy girl happy family flowergirl flower wreath girl father daughter family picnic Family adventure


  1. Valerie Johnson

    What a wonderful idea Noel! Please sign me up for exploring your backyard news!

    Valerie Johnson

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