May 7, 2015

College Graduate {Chelsea of the Sea}

beautiful woman college grad girl and ocean girl on the ocean tide pools out to sea woman blue eyes woman tide pools wonderTime moves fast, faster than you even think it is moving. You turn around and the ones you once called babies, are all grown up. Chelsea once was a toddler in my life, a girl who’s mother I adored for her spirit and huge heart, and she was only on my radar as a small wee one. Then I watched from afar, watching this confidant woman go off to college, and play volleyball for Biola, and have dreams of her own. And now here she is closing a chapter of her life that is boxed into the name of college years. She embarks on a mysterious future of challenges and choices, and we talked the whole time about the ideas she had of her future. Isn’t it wonderful to sit at the edge of possibility?

I wish my best to this beautiful soul! Love to her mama too….