April 13, 2016

Full circle & weathering storms


This family came to me when their entire life was baseball, and the kids were both in Little League. We had a baseball themed photo session, and to this day, it is my most pinned photo at over 1000 pins. Typing that in I am actually not so sure what that actually means, but I definitely know it was a fun shoot and we had a ton of fun. Fast forward almost eight years ahead, and kids grew up like they were meant to do, and this sweet family is ready to send off the oldest to College. It is a very special time for this family of four, and I am especially honored and over joyed to have been able to see them again. And how could we not bring a bat and a baseball to this family/senior shoot!??

We were also lucky enough to have had an honored spectator through our shoot, the California Seal that watched over us for a bit.

couple weathering the stormfamily at beach at sunsetbrotherssenior high school studentfamily looking out to the oceanteenage brotherssenior high school photovisitor at the beach

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May 27, 2015

Toddler days and College Bound

beautiful senior girl family photo family laughing girl lisette selfie senior model senior rsm photo sibling love siblings love siblings running teenage girl wildflower picking wildflowersWho knew that a few golf balls and a tiny bat could keep a toddler entertained for almost an hour? First, I would have him count, “one, nine, eweven, ten, five”, and I would hide all three items somewhere easy. On his turn he hid them in the same place each time, in the corner of the couch. If I pretended to not find them quick enough, he would give me clues, like running over to where they were and lifting the pillow. If I wanted to make him laugh I would “look” for them in his arm pits, erupting squeals and shrieks of joy. Sadly I still get bored of this game, and wish I could come over to my computer and quickly answer a few emails. Why is it so hard to be present like this hours on end? These days feel long and drawn out, but these years fly by, and he will soon be gone, at least for a few hours a day, and then more. Eventually he may actually move out of my house and away to college. Alabama maybe!!

Jordyn here is doing just that. Leaving her California sunshine, and heading to the South where the hear of the Dixie reigns. She has chosen University of Alabama as her next chapter. Watching the family together in all their joking and hugs, you can tell this will be tough on everyone left behind. It is easy to see how well they get along, and how much love they share. I bet there was a lot of hiding golf balls, and tickles and long days and days filled with sports, and days in emergency rooms, and hearts broken, and laughter and sand filled toes. Each day lived together as a family was sure to make this one stronger as she heads off alone. Congrats, and good luck beautiful Jordyn.

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May 7, 2015

College Graduate {Chelsea of the Sea}

beautiful woman college grad girl and ocean girl on the ocean tide pools out to sea woman blue eyes woman tide pools wonderTime moves fast, faster than you even think it is moving. You turn around and the ones you once called babies, are all grown up. Chelsea once was a toddler in my life, a girl who’s mother I adored for her spirit and huge heart, and she was only on my radar as a small wee one. Then I watched from afar, watching this confidant woman go off to college, and play volleyball for Biola, and have dreams of her own. And now here she is closing a chapter of her life that is boxed into the name of college years. She embarks on a mysterious future of challenges and choices, and we talked the whole time about the ideas she had of her future. Isn’t it wonderful to sit at the edge of possibility?

I wish my best to this beautiful soul! Love to her mama too….

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April 13, 2015

A Beautiful Dancer


senior portraits2  jumping high  fairy jump ballet shoes  ballet dancer girl

backbend ballerinaleaping

There was a time in my young life that I remember the feel of a good toe blister. The blister that may bleed or burst yet you feel no pain that moment you were dancing your heart out. I remember lost time spent in a studio, or that feeling that comes over you while you are walking down the street and you absolutely MUST take a few steps and leap into the air. It was about as close to flying that I am sure I will ever experience. Photographing this dancer was embarrassingly a piece of nostalgia and a sort of “reliving of my past days” of a dance minor where I could clear more than a foot off the ground. Arden has a talent, that I am sure you can see. Beauty is evident as well in her icy blue eyes and radiant smile. But do you see that beauty that lies deep in her heart? The one that makes her love to dance and work hard, and have goals, and put her entire being into something just so she can say that she tried. Well that, I will have to tell you about. :-)

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May 16, 2011



ucla-seniorcollege-graduatehuntington-beach-senior-portraitsHere it is, with the school year ending, young people everywhere are ready to go out and change the world. This might be a new love for me. Senior sessions haven’t been something I thought too much about, and now the joy of watching someone at this exciting new time of their life has generated so much creative energy in me. Today, I can’t get enough of these sessions. When Jessica contacted me I felt so honored that she trusted me with her senior pictures, and tried my hardest not to bug talk to her the whole time about her future plans, and career choices, and ideas. Finding out she wanted to work with misunderstood children, it got me talking even more with her about all her plans on changing the world, and then you couldn’t shut me up asking her this and that. What a great time, thank you Jessica, I look forward to hearing about all the wonderful things you do!

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April 11, 2011

Broken Records

senior-girl-california-phpotographysenior-photographyrca-dogsenior-photography-orange-countyHere is just a guess, but I bet none of you reading this post out there were writing and producing your very own album when you were a high school senior…..??  Well, okay maybe a few others out there shared some serious skills at that age….  The ambition and talent of this girl astounds me! She is so beautiful inside and out. She preformed her songs at a benefit not long ago, and I wish I could have been there to see her preform. Her songs are so great! You can check out her songs over here.

Let’s all keep a look out for this sweet girl, and hope she remembers us when she preforms at her sold out concert at Staple Center.

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  1. Wendy Valenzuela

    Beautiful work Noel. She is gorgeous and you seemed to have captured her spirit and soul. :) SO exciting about her music career! I’m off to check out her songs.

February 22, 2011

Senior session


Chelsea is a close family friend that called me up for senior portraits. I was THRILLED to see her again, but totally taken aback at her beauty, poise and sweetness. The Chelsea I remember was such a sweet girl, but now a beautiful women going off to college to play volleyball, make new friends, learn all sorts of new stuff she may even remember, and I get to somehow be a part of it. Thank you Charlie! Best of luck next year, I have a feeling you will excel at anything you chose to do.

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  1. Gretchen

    These photos are amazing! I cannot believe it is Charlie! She is so beautiful. What a talented photographer and what a beautiful subject!