April 27, 2015

Model Perfect Maternity Session at the beach

I cannot tell a lie, pregnancy was not that good to me. I gained around 70 pounds each round- 50 pounds gained in the last two months. Toxemia and other complications considering, being big was hard on my body, and it was not half as fun as delivery. Delivery, somehow, my body was a master at. 3 hours of labor and each came luckily with no complications at all. Fast forward two years to this gorgeous day at the beach. I was so inspired mostly because I had just paddled out on the water, and encountered my first whale. Maybe I was harnessing the happiness of that huge mammal, but this session was pure bliss. It also meant meeting the gorgeous and kind mama to be from Xposed Beauty, Jen. She might be a good one to call if you need help styling your shoot as well, since I though she came with the cutest accessories, especially that arm candy of a dog.



beach couple

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  1. Liz

    These images are just so incredibly simple, yet stunning! She is a gorgeous mama to be!

February 28, 2011

Family Photography, Beverly Hills: One and one on the way!




One, with one on the way AND the perfect opportunity for me to practice my broken conversation Spanish that I perfected in Baja. Sophia’s parents speak only Spanish to her, and because interacting with the kids is my favorite part, I stumbled my way through a list of known words. Pez, ave, corra, and then back to pez. So glad there were no kangaroos hiding around the corner. I would have been lost.

Bosh Images is planning a very special Mother’s day photo extravaganza. Email if you are interested in a mini session and you can be first on the list for this upcoming event.

Also, Bosh Images can now be found on Facebook here.

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October 19, 2010

Maternity Photos: Family

maternity-photo-lamaternity-photographymother-maternity-photographytoddler-girlmaternity-photosmaternity-photographerIn High School, when I worked at In-N-Out with this mom, we used to go to work switching each others’ name tags, and no one would even notice. They would call me Alana all day, and never even know the difference. We are Irish twins. One year apart in age, and yet we couldn’t be more different. Sisters. I love to photograph them in families.  I have three, and each one is so precious to me in very different ways. Each are invaluable to my life on a daily basis. Sisters. You hate them at times in your life for borrowing your good suzie’s deals sweater, or making you wait for them in the rain as they talk to a boy…. and love them for being there when you need them most and understanding you like no other.

Sonia, you are a lucky girl to have such a beautiful mama. I love you both so, and I cannot wait to meet my next special baby girl, Flora.

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  1. Michele

    gorgeous mom & beautiful pics! I love your style, Noel!

  2. Amanda Bevington

    These are gorgeous Noel!!! I love this pregnant Mama! LOVE LOVE LOVE the belly! Sweet little girl too – I just love the older one getting ready to meet baby – I see Ben look at my belly with that same wonder – it’s priceless! Congratulations to this lovely family! xo, A

  3. Nicole Taugher

    I always thought those In ‘n Out girls were so gorgeous, but now, they’re even more beautiful as mommies (inside AND out)!

  4. Mali

    I love that hammock one! so sweet! And you do look a lot like Alana, and the B&W of Sonia looks just like CJ!

April 16, 2009

Orange County Maternity Session

h1h2Little Donnavan, you reminded me so much of CJ, but a more calmer, better listener version. And that surfer hair, I’m dying inside it is so cute.

CJ and I were laying on the couch after a long day at the beach. He runs to the junk drawer, takes out a measuring tape and says “mama, let’s see how much you weigh…….(streatching it from my knee to my chin)….you are 12 years old” yes, i think that means I am down from last week!

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  1. Mali

    these look great! What a cute kid… and fabulous looking mom!!

  2. michelle nicoloff

    Noel…these are sooo adorable…I cannot wait to go back there and shoot :) I love CJ stories…and congrats on being “down” this week :) love ya tons!

  3. Deena

    Your photos are amazing as usual! I love taking a break at work and seeing if you posted new photos. Jaq’s are beautiful too! Hope everything is great! Hope you had a great Easter! It looks like you did (cute pails)!