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December 27, 2015

White Christmas

This year we decided the best thing we could give our kids was their first white christmas. It was a huge gamble, although everyone has been predicting this huge el niño winter, snow was not guaranteed. We rented a cabin up in Big Bear Mountains, and hoped for the best. On the 24th, we hopped into our Christmas jammies and perched ourselves up on the couch with the fire to our backs, waiting for the storm to roll in. No one was able to stay up late enough to see the first flake fall, but by morning our cabin had six new inches of soft white powder on the porch, and we were all elated to open presents and get up on the slopes.

Kellen informed me in the parking lot of his first day ever snowboarding that he was going to go on a box. All I could think was “so cute” and replied, “don’t worry if it doesn’t happen today, you can do it another day.” After all he had to master standing up without falling. All that worry aside, all he did that day was box looping. A new term I am coining for this kid. All it was all day was tow him up the hill on his star wars chopper to the top of the box, and watch him go down. What a nut! But at three, he is destined to be a Emergency Room regular. Maybe blame the older brother? Even though he did fall, it was as if he understood that that too, was part of the journey. This picture explains the emotion of the day to a tee.

If you are reading this, I hope you had a wonderful holiday with your family, making new memories.



toddler snowboardingtoddler snowboarding bear mountaintoddler shredding snowboardingtoddler on a burton snowboardtoddler learning to snowboardtoddler grom snowboardingtoddler walking near a laketoddler on thin icetoddler in warm jacket toddler in snow jacketthin ice snow toddler snow storm snow play fresh snow young boy

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July 30, 2014

OC Family Magazine Cover shoot

OC Family magazine work has been a huge source of joy for me over the past few years. Meeting local writers, inspirational moms, and families not only expands my orange county world, it blows my mind with happy and joyful people I would never have had the privilege to meet. One of these local celebrities in my eyes is Becky Brumfield who writes her own version of motherhood on a dare-you-to-not-laugh-out-loud blog at Hippo Brigade, and her husband Pat who designs for Normalcy. To see the cover shot, and how it turned out, see OC Family’s online version.

Collage 2 mom and sonfamily love

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July 3, 2014

Residential Homes, Commercial Shoot


When I was in High School I used to drive by a local street that I loved. There was a tiny white house on Italia. It was probably built in the early 1920′s, and most likely in the square footage of under 1000sf! I loved that sweet little house. I imagined fixing it up with a little TLC, raising my kids there, and riding our bikes to the downtown area for coffee. The idea of owning a house was such a dream of mine, that I saved up and bought my first house when I was 23 years old. It was everything. I still remember the smell, the details of the windows, and the way my husband and I settled into our adult lives together. It was so little, but it was my first home, and it was as if I bought a castle on the beach, because it was everything to me.

Combine my love of families, and my love of homes, and you get a job shooting families for a home builder! East Haven is coastal neighborhood of 14 homes in Eastside Costa Mesa. Single-family homes, 3 bedroom plus loft, 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom, Approx. 2,247 sq.ft What a treat! We captured first steps, toddlers, and babies-to-be, as well as couples with the cutest dog kids ever! Here are a few of my favorites.

baby and daddy at home couple home first steps girl bike home girl on scooter at home kids at home dog young couple first home

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March 14, 2014

Little Free Birds

little free birds orange county children's commercial photographer spring 2014 kids fashion kids spring fasion 2014 commercial photography orance county californiaA beautiful day, a couple of gorgeous kiddos, some bubbles, a kite, and the cutest clothes from Little Free Birds in Laguna Beach. Just a fun MINI MINI shoot for spring that we worked on. If you are looking for clothes for your photo shoot, the store specializes in organic, eclectic and earth-friendly apparel for children. I highly recommend you stop by and check out the highly fashionable looks for kids. Ask Jessica to style all your kids for your shoot, as the sizes go from baby to 10 and you can get a coordinating look that matches any setting. One last thing to worry about once you schedule your shoot.

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April 14, 2011

Laguna Beach, time to play

california-beach-photographybrother-sister-photogrpahybeach-photography-brother-sisterdog-toy-photographyfamily-photography-orange-countyWhat started out as a product shoot, turned into a family session. How could I resist snapping photos of this beautiful, loving family?

Years ago, Stacy could always convince me, even if I packed my lunch, to go out and chat. That was during the 45 minutes you get as a teacher. Who could resist a plate of nachos from Baja Fresh compared to a cold pb&j? Not me for one. But now, both of us at home with our babies, neither of us are teaching, and yet we found the chance to be together again. Nacho-less, but equally fun. It was so nice to catch up Stacy!

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February 18, 2011

My sweet Milo (love)


I completely forgot that I was saving these for a Valentine’s post. My sweet nephew, Milo. He is a great subject, as he is so animated, and has the personality of three kids combined. He love pajamas and picking out his own socks for the day. We scheduled this photo shoot for the cover of OC Family magazine. And that reminds me, I have yet to share these covers here on the blog. So, just to show what Bosh Images has been up to, a few of the recent covers Bosh Images landed.oc-three

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  1. Julie

    Noel, congrats on the covers! They look amazing. If you need any more models, I have a Sound of Music performing 2-year-old ready to go. ;)

  2. Gretchen

    I am so HAPPY! These covers are beautiful! Milo is so cute and we are so blessed to have him and you!

  3. Nicole

    I’m soooo excited for you! I love seeing your work around town, bits of Noel everywhere.

  4. Wendi Raatjes

    I’m not surprized but excited for your success. You’re so talented…I’m beaming that you’re work is on magazine covers. Such a blessed and faithful life you lead. So glad we had the time in OC so we can say we “knew you when.”

October 4, 2009

Guest Post by Alana/Basantdeep


Ahhh new mommyhood…the joy, the love, the bliss, the blessings….

And of course…

the ups and downs, the comings and goings, the waxing and waning and weaning and feeding and needing and cleaning and…sigh, finding enough time to breathe, let alone carve out a moment for yourself to get centered and just perhaps, make it to a yoga class (can you imagine!) with your happy, cranky, hungry, giggly, needy, joyful, (fill-in-the blank-here) little one.

So congratulations to those of you mamas who made it to our first Pranayama Mama series…and a special thanks to Milo, Ellis, Rainn, Abbie, Jack, Joe, Sonia, Henry and Sam for joining your mamas in this new experience of practicing yoga and mommyhood all at once, embracing the unexpected and learning to enjoy (or at least surrender) to the present…it was so joyful to read, play ball, chase after and snuggle with you!

I can’t wait to see what lessons and surprises you have in store for us in October!




For more information about this yoga class, click here.

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  1. admin

    It was such a joy to come witness this zen like event. Your babies were amazing beautiful, and you should all be recognized for making it a priority to take this class.

  2. Alanalee

    Thank you for these beautiful photos Noel…I’m only sad we didn’t get Marion in our group photo…but the photos are simply lovely.

  3. Holly Miller

    Wonderful, professional photos that really show the soul of the subjects! This is the gift of a truly talented photographer. Anyone can take a picture, but only an artist can capture an essence. Beautiful subject matter as well. What could be more nuturing and loving than yoga with your child?

  4. Tamera

    Plain and simple…I’m a huge yoga fan. Even plainer and simpler, I’m also a huge fan of pictures, images and art–especially when they tell a story and bring home the effect of their subjects without needing a single word. And, that is exactly how I feel about these photos! Mommies, bringing their babies to a yoga class must be a whole other dimension of the patience and understanding that yoga strives to teach us all. But, these pictures make it seem like the most joyous activity there could be. Absolutely adorable and touching. Does anyone have a baby they could lend me so I could attend this class!? Beautiful work. Love and light…Tamera

May 7, 2009

May workshop date scheduled!

We have scheduled our May Anytime-art workshop date for May 30th at the Reniessance Hotel in Aliso Viejo.

Please emial us if you are interested in attending!

:P roof: I have a really really cool mom! Happy Mother’s Day weekend Mom!! I love you.crazyhats

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  1. Mali

    is that YOU in the green???? What a great image!! Love it!

  2. Sophie

    Thank you Noel, I’m signing up right now.

  3. michelle nicoloff

    Noel…what an awesome picture….I love it :) Your mom is cool…and you haven’t changed! This image just proves how important photographs are! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY !!!!

  4. Gretchen

    I love this crazy photo. You do look the same today as then! Oh life is fun.

March 3, 2009


z27So excited to share a new project I have been working on behind the scenes. My good Photo-friend Mali Workman and I have created an event called Anytime-art. It is a class, blog and website dedicated to sharing what we have learned about taking pictures of our kids, with you. We want you to be able to create art, Anytime with your camera. The blog will be full of tips and fun contests for you to enter with the great pictures you are already taking of your kiddos.

So check out the website at Anytime-Art.com!

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December 11, 2008

Wow to wow-er!

Okay, probably not a real word. But the peeps at Framers Workshop make art go from wow, to wow-er! Kerri over there is a true artist, and has such an eye for making everything look amazing. They are the framer I use, and I happen to be the photographer they use. They did a beautiful display of our session together and have it up in their shop.

Framers Workshop display of Bosh Images

Now here is another “picture” for you. My Darling Husband has been bogged down at work, I thought I would do something nice for him. CJ and I wanted to surprise him with putting ALL the lights up on the house. Now, not sure if I mentioned it before, but Cj LOVES to climb. The kid was climbing out of his crip before he could even walk! So it was me, at the top of the ladder balancing to staple the lights to the roof, and CJ about five rungs behind me “holding on to your feet mamma so you don’t fall” I so wish I had my camera, but I knew adding one more factor into that already dangerous equation, we would have someone calling child services for sure. It isn’t like we didn’t already have cars passing by commenting on our “situation”

But, they are up, and we are all safe on the ground, daddy was surprised, and I think CJ knows enough to put them up on his own next year. I mean, he will be almost five next december.

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  1. Michelle Nicoloff

    Noel….wow….gorgeous!!! I love the pictures…I want to see more!!!!!!!