December 6, 2010

Daddy Love


These two pictures say it all! I promise to catch up on my blogging soon. So many adorable kids, beautiful families, and fun session are on their way.

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  1. Jen Johnson

    LOVE the colors in these images!!!

  2. Bernie Johnson

    These pictures are outstanding, the coloring the way you caught the love for the father and daughter, outstanding job.They are abosluting beautiful togther you capture it all in one picture the love they have for each other.
    Congratulations!!!!And you too Amie for having such a handsome husband and 2 beatuiful children, of course a beautiful mama doesn’t hurt either

  3. michelle nicoloff

    oh how I love these!!!! YOu are just rocking these sessions Miss Noel:)

November 25, 2010


joyfamily-at-san-juan-missionThere is so much JOY in my heart today. Thankful for the beauty that surrounds me each day in the shape of family, friends and clients.

Someday real soon I will catch up on the blogging, or catch up on the laundry, or just be able to catch up on some much needed sleep. But for now, somewhere deep inside I know that I will miss the chaos that has become my life during this holiday season. Wishing you all a Happy Happy Thanksgiving day. Hope you are able to spend it with the ones you love the most in this world.

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  1. Gretchen

    Such a cute family! I love the JOY part too!

  2. Michelr

    Beautiful Noel! Your pictures are amazing as usual!

October 18, 2010



The moments are there. A twirl, a kiss, a quite and thoughtful gesture. They pass, and we are left with only the memory of their existence. So lucky to have the job of trying my best to freeze time, and capture those moments to treasure forever. My session yesterday (still on the memory card) filled me with so much love and appreciation for this job, it has left me a sappy mess this morning as I force myself to do the tedious tasks of my job. Paperwork…..

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  1. Michele Kennedy

    Beautiful Noel! I just LOVE everything you do…you’re so talented!

  2. Gretchen

    The mom is beautiful! I love the twirling skirt and the simplicity of that photo. Thanks for this blog!

October 5, 2010

What are you gonna wear???

Holiday photos are on everyone’s mind. If you don’t have a good enough photo from your year’s adventures, you are either scheduling a session or trying to figure out how you can work your own camera and get a good family shot. And this is where the stress level could rise.WHAT WILL WE WEAR???? My rule of thumb is usually get the mama looking good, and plan everyone else around it. But then, I am in a house of boys who really don’t care what they wear. I also suggest that you wear something you feel comfortable in, and that you don’t try and look like you are wearing school uniforms by wearing the exact same outfit. But even better, here is a fashion guide that may give you some inspiration for looking fabulous in your holiday photo.


My beautiful friend put together a few holiday outfit guides for you and your photo planning.  Leslie attended FIDM, and worked as a stylist and costumer in the fashion and entertainment industries, but to me that isn’t what qualifies her most as awesomely stylish. She is a mom, and yet I have never ever seen her in her work out clothes and a ponytail, even for coffee. She is a true stylish mom, and looks great everywhere she goes. And for a mom, that takes effort. Thanks Leslie for the inspiration boards.

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  1. Marcie T

    Love this! It totally beats the all white/all white and jeans, barefoot on the beach ensemble… very inspired. Thanks for posting this on your blog (which rocks by the way!)

  2. Gretchen

    How perfect! EVERYONE asks this question and this is so timely. PLEASE post this in the OC FAMILY! So many people can benefit, even it only going to grandmas for dinner.

  3. Jen Johnson

    These are so great!

  4. Mali

    great ideas!

September 24, 2010

I can suppose only that, like…the rest of them, she was melted because he had all his first teeth.


sibling-love-newport-beachJust a few of the holiday sessions I have been working on, and feel so blessed by the fact that in the fall, you will most likely find me at world famous, beautiful beaches here in California, hanging out with my favorite sized people.

Speaking of favorite sized people, I think I am having just some small kind of melt down today with my very own. Just slightly. CJ came to me after school yesterday with a loose tooth. You heard me! Loose. Do you even know what this means? J.M. Barrie described lost boys and Peter Pan for that matter in one common phrase that was mentioned at least four times in the book. They never grew up, because they still had their baby teeth!! So, what does that mean to me? I am loosing my baby. sniff, sniff

But somehow in that great plan that is life, he is exchanged for a very lovely and well behaved boy. The lovely part for sure.

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  1. Amanda Bevington

    Love this post! Beautiful images and beautiful sentiment….Ben keeps asking when his baby teeth will become loose. I say…”not too soon baby, not too soon” : ) Our album is amazing!!! Thank you again for capturing our family so brilliantly!! We will cherish this always! xoxo, A

  2. Jackie Culmer

    What an amazing experience to get to witness this shoot and then see the final outcome! You are so talented and amazing at what you do. I’m so glad I stalk you. ;)

  3. Mali

    These are so sweet! I LOVE the last one :)

  4. Debbie

    Really beautiful photos! Not sure how I find our blog but love all your images, especially these beach ones!!

December 28, 2009

Orange County Maternity Photography: Beach Session


Another session from the end of the year to share. The mom kept going on and on at how well I understood her four-year-old daughter. You know, I realized through this session that I know and get in every single way, a kid about six months younger than CJ. Once I have HIM figured out, and know how to successfully manipulate him into what ever I need (ie sleep, or get in the car quickly) and get a little cocky over it I would say……. he moves on, and I can no longer figure him out! Tricks often work for about a month at best, and it takes me about three months to come up with that brilliant trick. And then, he grows up some more, and I need a new bag of them. BUT! Alas, give me a child six months younger than CJ, and I will rock their world! I laugh looking at these pictures remembering the fun we had. Thanks guys, it was an honor to photography you again, and Brooke will be the perfect age for me, for as long as tricks are needed.:-)

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  1. michelle nicoloff

    ummmmm wow… beautiful ! look at that water…so blue..and that sky is amazing!!!! I wanna see more!!!!!

  2. Kimberly

    Love them!! they all look so cute. Coops is so beautiful. She wasn’t sure what she was going to wear. I think they all look perfect. Nice work Noel.

  3. Rosanne Mann

    Noel, you are such an amazing photographer. They all look fantastic!

  4. Christi

    These are beautiful!

December 16, 2009

Catching up

child-photographer1It might be possible. There seems to be a slowing in emails for last minute orders. Everyone has their holiday cards in from the printer, except for me that is. And I think that is a breath I hear me taking. Yes. It must be. It has been a fun holiday season.

One of my most favorite aspects of this job is helping others create holiday cards that say something unique about their family. This year has been a stellar year for cards. Amazing families have brought amazing ideas to me, and we collaborated to make some one of a kind cards. I will share a few once I am sure they have sent them out. Be prepared to have your socks knocked right off your feet.

But for now, here is a quick look at one of the sessions that created a one of a kind card.

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  1. michelle nicoloff

    Oh I LOVE THIS image! you just amaze me Miss Noel!!! xoxoox

  2. Jackie Culmer

    Awesome! You got a pillow fight session! Now you just have to figure out how to get a bed in the middle of the park… :)

  3. Jana Marler

    Hi.. I LOVE your photography! I found you through just google-ing (smiles) and was wondering if you could tell me what Lens and settings you used for this photo.

    I love it! Have a great one. I will definitely stay connected to your blog.


  4. sheri mazariegos

    wow!! love this – just love looking through your work!! amazing use of natural light!

November 29, 2009

OC family Photography: newborn portraits




This was a fun-filled, nephew-lovin’, non-shopping weekend. After we stuffed ourselves with turkey, we packed up the car, and sneaked home an extra kid. I have been begging for months to borrow one of my little nephews of nieces, and we finally got the chance. And as predicted, CJ made an amazing big brother, always checking and double checking his seat belts, playing Rainn’s baby games, and translating his special language so we would know exactly what he wanted. It was fun to witness.

So tomorrow will be back to reality, in catching up in the card orders, editing and holiday deadlines. I promise I will get back to you tomorrow if you have been waiting for my response. Here is a recent double location at a Laguna Beach favorite spot.

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  1. michelle nicoloff


September 21, 2009

Holiday Mini’s

Every year I try my best to squeeze some kind of Mini session schedule into this crazy time of the year. This year, I have joined forces with the Glass Slipper Guild to help them raise money for CHOC. This Saturday, I have scheduled mini sessions at Aliso Creek Beach. They were filled quickly, but there have been two cancellations. If there is anyone out there reading this post in hopes to get a quick family picture for the Holidays, and would like to contribute to a great cause, contact me to schedule a mini session today.

Below is a session that will be blogged soon. Big big fun, for clients that have a great website of their own, and I am sure you will be happy to hear about them.


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  1. Mali

    These are beautiful!! Love them!

October 22, 2008

Park Mini sessions

Saturday went well, and twenty minutes goes by fast! But I had so much fun catching up with clients I haven’t seen for a while. For example, this little guy had his baby curls the last time I saw him……ahhh, did you have to cut them??? He still has those sweet big eyes, and I loved seeing him again.

Everyone else should expect their pictures up tomorrow.

Thanks for coming out, it was a lot of fun!

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  1. Christine Bentley

    Super Cute Noel! How are you girl!??? Up for some coffee soon!XXXOO