first year portraits
March 15, 2015

Smash Cake- Rory turns one

cake for rory

family love mom and daughter one year old portraits one year old smash cake one year old walking one year old smash cake session toddler turns one

Look at Rory grow! No other time in a persons life do they change and grow as quickly as the first year of their life. They start as a delicate and helpless baby that relies completely on you for their every need. Then by the end they are smashing their own cake and stuffing it in their mouths, possibly teeter tottering around to keep up with big siblings, and possibly communicating a bit to let you know what they need. Rory turned six months here. The smash cake is from Sweet and Saucy Shop who make the most amazing cakes!

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September 1, 2014

Family Picnic Under a California Oak


One of my most favorite locations here in Orange County is sitting under the California Oak trees of our open spaces. They are everywhere, and if you need more ideas on where to go for your family picnic, see Fun Orange County Parks website that offers endless ideas. Summer is about over, but playing outside is year round in Southern California. Check that wonderful resource out for more ideas that fit your family style.

At this particular session, we enjoyed a foodless picnic blanket, and ended with a smash cake celebrating this baby’s first year. There are a few deer that visited us at the end of this family session, and it was magical even without our encounter. family on a hill family picnic under a tree girl running down hill kids picnic kids under a tree sibling love

baby boy

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February 23, 2013

Pretty in Pink! 9 month old goodness



All it took was this one session for me to be in love with 9month old portrait sessions! They are my FAVORITE!!! (du jour) All that chubbiness, eating of feet, smiling, oh my, i die! This sweet little girl might have been a bit more mobile than I had planned, and little more work for mom and me, but amazing fun, and such a joy to watch. If it isn’t a bit challenging, what is the fun in that?

So I am looking forward to my own 5 month old and his 9 month session. All the outfits, and feet chewing, it’s gonna be great!

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May 3, 2012

One-Year-Old Smiles

newport-beach-photographymother-sonone-year-old-photographyone-year-old-portraitmom-and-sonfamily-of-threeone-year-old-portraitsOne-year-old portraits rank near the top of my list of all time favorite sessions. They are so unpredictable, playful, adorable, hug-able. Little E hear was no exception, his smile could melt my your heart on the coldest winter day. He was joyful, silly and my best friend for the hour. He was wonderfu. I am still thinking about going back and dropping off his order just so I can spend a few more minutes with him. I feel so lucky to be a part of these families’ lives in such a joyful and meaningful way.

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  1. Corinne

    What beautiful images for a seriously beautiful little boy! Love them all, but especially the last two!

September 26, 2011

Pillows (home away from home)

baby-in-a-blanketchildren-portraituresisters-portraitureflower-girlChildren are pretty unpredictable. You can have a happy toddler at 4:00, and a screaming cranky one at 4:02. You can also usually turn that right back around in your favor a few minutes later. You really just need the right formula. Ready for it? Grab your pen. It super simple, and the mama of these two sweet girls taught it to me on this session.

If you don’t plan on having your session at home, bring a great big bag, the kind you usually carry around Ikea, and fill that large blue mesh bag with everything your child loves from home. Pillows, blankets, stuffed animals, and anything else that makes them happy when the baby blues get to them. This session was at a beautiful location, but could have been anywhere with a grassy field, as the two sisters tumbled around on a blanket and a set of pillows with that sweet familiar smell of home.

I guess it doesn’t hurt to also bring along two adorable little girls with smiles that could cure anyone’s bad mood.

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February 6, 2011

My Sweet Baby Andrew….

Right, so there is a small technical aspect to the fact that he is not actually my baby. But because I got to see him a few times last year, coupled with the fact that he indeed reaches out for me when he sees me, he is mine in my heart. Ya, maybe he reaches out to all people cause he is so darn social, but I am gonna stick with the fact that he likes me! Here is a session we did in the fall that I never had a chance to post. Love to you Andrew, and your sweet beautiful mama!


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  1. michelle nicoloff

    Gosh….I love all of these…but the last image is breathtaking! AND of course he likes you…you are the most likeable/loveable person I KNOW! xo

  2. Mali

    yes, he loves you too, I can see it in his eyes :) and that last image is amazing!!!!

  3. Kimberly

    I love them! The hat with the socks. I just want to pinch those little baby rolls. xoxo

  4. Cindy

    I can’t even pick a favorite… I love them all! What a little cutie!

February 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Emilia Rose, first year portraits



Emilia Rose turned one up in Los Angeles last month. To celebrate, I brought this smash cake from Sandra’s Cookie Favors. I could imagine sticking a beautiful yummy cake in front of me like that and someone telling me to “go at it” it would last all of five minutes. Less if I were actually hungry. But this delicate and gentle girl daintily dipped each finger into the cake, and played with it as if it were expensive play dough. Not putting one single bite into her mouth! Wow, that is discipline. So I ask her parents what she does like to eat…. curious? Lentil soup! I didn’t see that one coming.

Happy Birthday Emilia!

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  1. Cindy Chen

    Noel, these are amazing! This little one is a beauty! Love those little fingers in the cake!

  2. First beach romp… » Bosh Blog

    [...] Rose, it was such a joy. It is hard to believe me capturing you eat your first bit of cake was last year! What will we explore when you turn three? I know. Disneyland! Tags: Fun children photographer, [...]