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June 12, 2017

New Work: Educational Insights


Of all the days I spent teaching in the classroom, the ones that stick out the most are the ones of discovery. It was a scene you could count on, though less than I would hope as a teacher, when you could see the light in a student’s eyes flash on brightly. It could be a book, author, subject, or simply an interesting animal, but to watch a child’s imagination wake up to something they realized, this is something I miss about that job. I remember Amy obsessing about owls, or Xingya falling in love with Beverly Cleary, or Matt asking me to find more out about space travel.

When my own children were able to be outside with thoughts of their own, the best part of the day was to be out there watching them interact with the world and nature around them. Maybe that is why the beach offers us so much joy.

It is another great joy of mine to have had the opportunity to work with Educational Insights to create lifestyle images for some of their products. For these images we were able to spend three days in three of my favorite spots, with some of my  favorite kids. It was fun to spend the time looking for tidal animals and exploring brightly colored flowers under close inspection. All of these products for this shoot were wonderful outdoor activities that encourage children to play and discover the world around them. Here are some of my favorites.

children scientist moon scope for children toddler exploring the tidepoolshermit crab observatorytide pool exploringchild photographer for commercial los angelescommercial photographer los angeleschildren photographer commercialtelescope for girlschildren's commercial photographer los angeleschemistry toys for childrenchildren curiositychildren's telescopeeducational toys for childrenchildren's commercial photographercommercial Photographer Los Angeelstelescope for toddlers children education

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June 4, 2016

Baby-in-the-sink Bath


The first day I was hired to come shoot for this family I stopped in my tracks once I saw the kitchen sink. How the light fell onto the big farmhouse sink had me drooling to shoot more there. It didn’t work out on the newborn shoot we had, and two shoots later we still couldn’t find a way to fit it into our sessions.

It turns out, if you have an idea in your head, it is healthiest to just get it out, good or bad results aside, just follow your gut. When the news came that they outgrew their charming first home, I knew we had to do something in that sink before they packed up and left, so I scheduled a “fun” shoot, and just invited myself over to play. A joy comes over you when you follow your creative soul, and shooting this was just that. Grateful for this precious baby, and her adaptable parents.

My next idea might be something you can help me with. I am currently looking for a good yard to do a slip and slide in! Email me for another passion shoot just in time for summer.

baby water poured over head mom giving baby a bath in the sink sink with a bright window for bath time baby crying in the bath baby taking a bath in a sink mother daughter sink bath baby bath in a sink

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  1. myleen

    Hi, gorgeous photo! Would you mind sharing which infant bath tub is the baby on?

  2. admin

    I would share for sure, but I don’t know. It was the customers bath.

May 17, 2016

New Work: Ergo Baby & Orbit Stroller




I still remember that nesting time, right before my baby was born. I scrambled around to make sure I had everything I could possibly need like clothes, toys, bags and such. A few weeks later as I sniffed in that newborn smell on my couch with sweet Kellen asleep on me. Only then could I admit to myself that all that I really needed was a healthy boob, a box of diapers, and my precious Ergo. The first two were inevitable. He will eat, and he will poop. But my survival depended on my sanity, and I usually find that out and about on adventures of the hiking or exploring type. We had countless naps, giggles, snuggles walking around in that Ergo. It was the only essential I recommend to those welcoming a baby in their lives.

Last fall I was lucky to shoot the summer campaign for Ergo Baby, and as the images are starting to pop up, I realize I am now able to share my favorites from that work. Here is our college of iPhone pictures taken with Kellen tucked safely into my pouch called the ergo, at the beach, dodger games, cave hunting, and just walking to school. With this campaign , Ergo announced a few great new carriers, one called the 360, where you can wear your baby facing outwards, and the award winning adapt that allows you to use it from infancy to toddler.


personal photos
mom and baby nashvillebig sisterergo babybowling inergoicecream toddlerergobaby 360farmers market baby wearingwear your babyergobaby carrierbaby stroller orbit babyOrbit Baby strollerNashville

A special team I was so lucky to be a part of, Raymie, Nicole, Taylor, Perry, Ashley and all the amazing models, big and small. We had so much fun, and I was so so lucky to work with them all!!!ergo team

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  1. Gretchen

    NICE!!! Great group and perfect results!

March 1, 2016

Stella Cove Bathing suit Shoot

children beach commercial shootgirl playing at the beachswim suit shoot girlsbeach shoot kidsswimsuit girlsgirls bathing suit shoot mother daughter love stella Cove Commercial shootvw bus at the beach

Just before Christmas time, my eleven year old stole presents from under our tree to donate to the Toys for Tots Bin he saw pop up in our neighborhood. Believe it or not, I was a little mad. I mean, those presents were acquired most likely with a wild toddler in tote at target, representing a small portion of my todo list being checked off. Once I forced myself to see the big picture and forgive him, I followed him up to the Marine in his dress blues and watched him gleefully give them away. Parked right next to the bin was a beautiful VW bus restored perfectly. Lucky for me, the owner was the Sponsor behind the event and we exchanged info.

So after convincing a few more star studded models to meet me at the beach, we coordinated the whole day to photograph Stella Cove bathing suits in true California Style. I would like to thank all the people that helped me out this day especially all my gorgeous girls, and my super power friend Catherine Pearlman. But also Jackie, Drew, Raymona, Neda, Ciji, and Kellen who generously threw a wild rumpus party and didn’t get hurt or lost. Lastly, thank you to Pia and Kim over at Stella Cove for giving me this amazing opportunity! Hope we can work together again soon!

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  1. Liz

    Wow Noel, these images are incredible and so much fun! Gorgeous!!!

  2. Drew

    Thank you for including Kennedy! She’s still talking about it :)

  3. admin

    Thank you Liz

  4. admin

    Thank You Drew! She seriously is my fav!!!!

September 30, 2015

Ocean Love- Mermaid sessions

Laguna Beach waters are so amazingly beautiful. There is a whole world down there, and it is yours for the exploring. With a little bit of courage, and a few hours time, you can find a world waiting for you to discover less than 100 feet off shore!


diving swimming mermaid sighting

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June 19, 2015

NYC with Michelle, Karen and Canon

brookyn bridge highline sun IMG_2597 Nicoloff does New York nyc skyline at sunset NYC31 Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset view from one world observatoryLast month I entered a contest from Canon, From Light to Ink. Like most contests, I entered with the intention of winning. I mean if you don’t try and win, what is the point right. So there is this time, that time just after you hit submit, and before you know the results, that you think you have a chance.

I honestly had about a half a second to be sad that I didn’t win the prize, a trip to New York City, because in the same breath that my friend told me she won, she asked me to go with her! Yipee! So it goes to say you should definitely have talented friends, and when you do, be very very VERY nice to them. Michelle Nicoloff is someone that I have talked about time and time again, I adore her, but beyond that, she is so so good at ocean photography, and her children love to be in the ocean, so it is a match made in heaven. She celebrates the title of the contest “Embrace” and her winning photo, Sounds of the Pacific,  was hung in the Joshua Liner Gallery.

We had a few obligations as far as meetings go, but they only proved to be opportunities to meet some amazing people. We were able to meet John Stanmeyer, Jacob Santiago, and Karen Grubb to name a few. We talked with John, an amazing National Geographic Photographer about changes in photography, social media, and making a living doing what you have to do. In Three days we fit in One World Observatory, Brooklyn Bridge, Dumbo Park, Highline, Subway rides, Top of the Rock, Central Park boat ride, Taxi rides, the Flat Iron, Shake Shack, really good coffee, and a ton of laughs.

It is such a different lifestyle in such a big city. It was also a huge treat to have a break from my toddler and his tantrums. Although I thought once or twice about my kids, it was such a treat to be on my own exploring the city with no one lagging behind, or screaming their head off, or complaining about the walk!


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March 26, 2015

Fiamma Felitch

beach and golf

beach golf beach shoot birds and beach and golf fiamma felitch fiamma fletich beach girl in the water golfFiamma is in California for Golf, and while she was here, it worked out for her to schedule a short session with me. Although she was not quite sure about getting in the water, she was such a trooper for trying new things, and ended up soaking wet splashing in the waves. I wish her the best of luck in her career and hope she goes far!

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January 28, 2015

Self Portrait Session

This is what an ideal girls’ night looks like to me. Pacific Ocean, warm golden light, the best of friends, and cameras. The hard part is letting go in front of the camera when it is your turn, but in the end, I am happy to put up with it if I can photograph them right back.  I for one have a hard time facing my personal image, so looking at photographs of myself without cringing is really hard. This was a place that we all felt super comfortable, in front of friends that we knew loved us exactly the way we are, so it was the best possible circumstance.

When I look at Mali Workman, and Michelle Nicoloff I see so much beauty. As hard as I try to see the freckles, and long dark hair, and deep brown eyes, I just see the kindness and love that they have towards the world. I see the unending patience they have with their kids, and their ability to see beauty around them everywhere they go. This gives me hope that they too see past the details that meet me in the mirror each morning.

beautiful mom blanket pacific flipflop shoes in the pacific michelle nicoloff noel besuzzi pacific ocean portrait portraits

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January 8, 2015

Favorite Families of all time

Even though I should probably not be saying this, I have a list of favorite families of all time. When they email me, I get super excited the moment the email hits my inbox. The camera in front of my face usually hides a big old smile the whole time I am there. I couldn’t hide if I tried though since it is so big, it probably stretches over the sides of my camera mask. This is one of the families.

There is a beauty inside these four that pours over their gorgeousness. The mama, has a quiet patient way about her that inspires me to be more gentle with my kids. You can tell she is unaware of that sweet kindness, she doesn’t think she is kind enough I am sure. You know the drill, hope your kids behave and get disappointed a few times along the way on any given day. But to be patient and loving even when it is hard, that is a gift I tell you, and she has it.

The dad is so comfortable playing with his boys you know he does it often, and they are close as close can be, without even trying. They always take beautiful photos, because being together is what they do best I would guess. All I do is sit back and try to capture what they are doing naturally. Lucky me.

boy playing near pier brothers wrapped in a blanket brothers family at sunset family beach blanket family fun at beach family having fun family playing at beach family portrait orange county mom and son kissing roasting marshmellows at beach

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July 3, 2014

Residential Homes, Commercial Shoot


When I was in High School I used to drive by a local street that I loved. There was a tiny white house on Italia. It was probably built in the early 1920′s, and most likely in the square footage of under 1000sf! I loved that sweet little house. I imagined fixing it up with a little TLC, raising my kids there, and riding our bikes to the downtown area for coffee. The idea of owning a house was such a dream of mine, that I saved up and bought my first house when I was 23 years old. It was everything. I still remember the smell, the details of the windows, and the way my husband and I settled into our adult lives together. It was so little, but it was my first home, and it was as if I bought a castle on the beach, because it was everything to me.

Combine my love of families, and my love of homes, and you get a job shooting families for a home builder! East Haven is coastal neighborhood of 14 homes in Eastside Costa Mesa. Single-family homes, 3 bedroom plus loft, 4 bedroom or 5 bedroom, Approx. 2,247 sq.ft What a treat! We captured first steps, toddlers, and babies-to-be, as well as couples with the cutest dog kids ever! Here are a few of my favorites.

baby and daddy at home couple home first steps girl bike home girl on scooter at home kids at home dog young couple first home

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