April 22, 2011

Maddie James Foundation Mini’s


These are the faces of love and generosity. This is only half of them. Over $2,000 was raised for the Maddie James Foundation by over 40 families willing to come to the beach with me. It was a beautiful day, and I met the most incredible people for the first time, but was warmed by seeing so many Bosh customers and friends that supported this great cause. Thank you all who supported this event, and to the countless hours put into it behind the scenes from Alex. Thank you to the girls who helped out that day, and a special thanks to Michelle, who took so many amazing pictures at this event!

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April 11, 2011

Broken Records

senior-girl-california-phpotographysenior-photographyrca-dogsenior-photography-orange-countyHere is just a guess, but I bet none of you reading this post out there were writing and producing your very own album when you were a high school senior…..??  Well, okay maybe a few others out there shared some serious skills at that age….  The ambition and talent of this girl astounds me! She is so beautiful inside and out. She preformed her songs at a benefit not long ago, and I wish I could have been there to see her preform. Her songs are so great! You can check out her songs over here.

Let’s all keep a look out for this sweet girl, and hope she remembers us when she preforms at her sold out concert at Staple Center.

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  1. Wendy Valenzuela

    Beautiful work Noel. She is gorgeous and you seemed to have captured her spirit and soul. :) SO exciting about her music career! I’m off to check out her songs.

March 31, 2011

“How Can I Help?”- an idea!

The past few months have been super heavy. My life has begun to take a new perspective, and the things I didn’t used to see, I now see. I see beauty, joy, love, and light everywhere. It sounds a bit Disney, and maybe you might think that the next sentence will include unicorns or rainbows, but I am being completely honest. The day I heard that my client Maddie James would be saying good-bye to this world, is the day that I started to see things differently. That crack on my phone, that ache in my neck, that pile of laundry all seemed so small. The little things that bothered me were suddenly all put into a normal perspective. I am blessed beyond what I could ever deserve. My child is healthy, I have a home and a job, and I am happy. And now I have a new goal: How can I stay this way FOREVER. How can I keep this perspective without waiting for tragedy to come along and force me into submission of gratefulness?I have a small picture of Maddie up in my office to remind me that her joy and love for life has spread to thousands at the mention of her story.

There have been countless emails and conversations from people asking “How can I help?” I have brainstormed with a good friend of the family, Alex and have elicited help from two very dear friends Michelle Nicoloff and Jennifer Lenzen on what we can do. Here is the idea…..

Maddie’s parents have decided that they will raise one million dollars to donate to the Ocean Institute in Dana Point. They would love to encourage their child’s love for the ocean to grow inside as many children as possible. They would love a part of Maddie that made her so special to flourish in those children that she never had the chance to meet. I would love to help her parents reach that goal. If you donate $50 to the foundation, you can sign up for a mini-mini five minute session at the Ocean Institute and in return you will receive two 5×7 prints. Michelle, Jennifer and I will be donating all of our time and products for this event, and we hope that you can take the time with your family to come meet us there and capture the beauty and blessings that you are so generously given.

Because of the high volume we are hoping to bring to this event, please email directly to Alex at to reserve your spot.


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  1. marla

    Noel, you are amazing to do this. I thought those beautiful portraits of Maddie were done by you. Sweet, sweet little girl. I will try to make it down on the 10th. xo

  2. Heather

    I love that you’re doing this…. beautiful.

    And I’m so sorry to hear the news. :( Sending the best thoughts your (and her, and her family’s) way…

May 25, 2010

Glass Slipper Guild: The Rat Pack “was” Back

choc-galahuntington-hyattglassslipperguildhyatthbJust a few images from an amazing event that raised a ton of money for CHOC. And don’t quote me on that dollar amount. The Glass Slipper Guild offers me one small opportunity to give back to my community, and at such a beautiful location. It was fabulous! Thanks to the Guild for including me, and I look forward to next years gala.

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  1. Cindy

    These are beautiful Noel! What a great event to be a part of.

September 21, 2009

Holiday Mini’s

Every year I try my best to squeeze some kind of Mini session schedule into this crazy time of the year. This year, I have joined forces with the Glass Slipper Guild to help them raise money for CHOC. This Saturday, I have scheduled mini sessions at Aliso Creek Beach. They were filled quickly, but there have been two cancellations. If there is anyone out there reading this post in hopes to get a quick family picture for the Holidays, and would like to contribute to a great cause, contact me to schedule a mini session today.

Below is a session that will be blogged soon. Big big fun, for clients that have a great website of their own, and I am sure you will be happy to hear about them.


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  1. Mali

    These are beautiful!! Love them!

May 21, 2009

Glass Slipper Guild: Jade Room Gala for CHOC

blog11The Glass Slipper Guild is a group of women dedicated to support the doctors and research at CHOC hospital of Orange County. I had the pleasure of photographing this event with my mom. My hat goes off to the women to put this beautiful party together at the Balboa Bay Club. The ladies shown here put in numerous hours to see that every detail was attended to, and that everyone would have a good time. And let me tell you they went way over and beyond paying attention to every little detail.

This was an event where everywhere my camera faced there was laughter, smiles, and good times! If you would like to see a montage of all the fun, click play on the slide show below.

Thank you ladies for inviting me to be a part of this event! It was an honor!!!

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