April 13, 2015

A Beautiful Dancer


senior portraits2  jumping high  fairy jump ballet shoes  ballet dancer girl

backbend ballerinaleaping

There was a time in my young life that I remember the feel of a good toe blister. The blister that may bleed or burst yet you feel no pain that moment you were dancing your heart out. I remember lost time spent in a studio, or that feeling that comes over you while you are walking down the street and you absolutely MUST take a few steps and leap into the air. It was about as close to flying that I am sure I will ever experience. Photographing this dancer was embarrassingly a piece of nostalgia and a sort of “reliving of my past days” of a dance minor where I could clear more than a foot off the ground. Arden has a talent, that I am sure you can see. Beauty is evident as well in her icy blue eyes and radiant smile. But do you see that beauty that lies deep in her heart? The one that makes her love to dance and work hard, and have goals, and put her entire being into something just so she can say that she tried. Well that, I will have to tell you about. :-)