May 5, 2015

10 Year old playtime at Laguna Beach Playground

Do you remember the feeling of a new playground? Asking yourself, will it have a monkey bars(my 9 year old self favorite) or will it have a merry-go-round?(the dangerous kind that they must of outlawed)

It is amazing how visiting parks has started to be something we “used to do” and not something we do on a regular basis. I will blame it on the sports, or the kids on our street, or the homework, anything but myself. right? But as it turns out, having the two year old come along in all his crazy antics that have us rolling around with laughter, he also brings back the habit of finding a good playground to romp around it. As a result, I find my forth grade boy losing himself in the act of play, something we all know is vital to the development of our children. It gives him the opportunity to be a child again, and make up games, and explore, and strengthen his upper body, and just well, be a kid a little bit longer. We all know how fast this life is passing us all by!

This park is found in Laguna Beach, and it is called bluebird park. It was a favorite of CJ’s and now will be a favorite of Kellen’s I am sure.

And it even has a merry-go-round of sorts.bludbird park brothers bludbird park play bludbird park slides bluebird turtle playground laguna beach rocket ship playground slide toddler at bluebird park toddler play turtle